Annapurna Annachhatra


Annapurna Annachhatra


Anna means Food, it quenches the hunger. It is said that offering free food or Annadan is the biggest virtue because food is almighty and it has the presence of God. In the community hall of Sri Ramakrishna Chaitanya Seva Pratisthan (Parul Ashram) at village Parul in Dhaniakhali block of Hooghly District, West Bengal, “Annapurna Annachhatra” community kitchen is being run from 15th April, 2020 onwards. Every day morning from 12 to 2 o’clock free meal is distributed among more than 120 needy and helpless people.

For COVID 19 pandemic, prolonged lockdown and super cyclone Amphun many people have lost their lives, jobs, their savings are depleted. We have even found that many are suffering from food-crisis. But we are all "One Family". When someone in the family is in crisis, another person comes and stands by. People are holding people's hands in "One Family One Kitchen" (Ek Parivar Ek Rasoi) a unique community kitchen concept of Manima and Sabyasachi Maharaj of Sri Ramakrishna Chaitanya Seva Pratisthan (Parul Ashram).

The objectives of “Annapurna Annachhatra” are:-

  • • To stand by the most helpless and needy members of our large "One Family".
  • • To provide free lunch every day to all the people enlisted by our staffs and volunteers.
  • • To provide those persons with all the nutrients they need for a healthy growth.
  • • To support and encourage them to increase their standard of living and grow interest in self-help activities. It solves the problem.

“Annapurna Annachhatra” of Sri Ramakrishna Chitanya Seva Pratisthan is not a general community kitchen that runs for a specific period of time for relief purpose. Its overall objective is to solve the food-crisis of the hungry helpless multitudes. So “Annapurna Annachhatra” continues to offer nutritious free meals every day to the helpless and needy members of our large "One Family