Medical Camps


Medical Camps


In rural India the villagers continue to suffer from adverse health conditions owing to lack of education and awareness. Sri Ramakrishna Chaitanya Seva Pratisthan (Parul Ashram) has started a unique health project that seeks to address the problems of mobility, accessibility and availability of primary healthcare with a special focus on children and women in remote rural areas. Medical advises from renowned specialist doctors along with the required medicines are provided for these patients free of cost.

On 6th June, 2020, at Parul Ashram a Free Medical Camp was organized in association with West Bengal Doctor’s Forum and Shramajibi Swastho Uddyog. Dr. Punyabrata Goon, President, Shramajibi Swastho Uddyog, Dr. Snigdha Hazra and Dr. Himadri Sekhar Bera treated 150 patients free of cost and all the patients were given required medicines free of cost.

  • • In rural India, due to poverty and unawareness, school life and education stop in early stages. The children become labors; otherwise drug addicts and anti-socials. But great possibilities also remain in them.
  • • To remove the ignorance and unawareness which have covered our children's life in darkness, Sri Ramakrishna Chaitanya Seva Pratisthan (Parul Ashram) is running on a non-formal school named ‘Gayatri’.
  • • We provide parallel education for the rural children of our larger family from preparatory to class IX.
  • • Along with the facility of learning from experienced teachers, our students are also given books, copies, pens, pencils, school bags, tiffin, clothes etc. totally free of cost.
  • • In 2019-20, two hundred sixty students who need it most are provided these Free Education facilities at Parul Ashram and nearby villages.
  • • With a unique blend of traditional Vedic culture and modern science we are trying to illuminate our children's lives. m